The Turing Test
Record Player
Individually Pressed 12" Vinyl (Edition of 3)

contains audio work:
Coded Language (Remembering Mr Turing)
Stereo Audio
6min 33sec

Edited field recordings from Bletchley Park where Alan Turing helped shape the course of the second war. For such a historically charged place, it was strangely flat and somewhat empty. In a fairly tranquil setting, the portacabins that made littered the grounds mainly contained somewhat tired exhibitions, and a cafe. Then in the middle of it all, hidden away was one giant mechanical codebreaking machine that still ran. It whirred and clicked away creating a clattering rhythm in stark contrast to the stillness of the rest of the place. I ended up working backwards through the recordings I'd taken, forcing the clocks, knives and forks, and surrounding countryside to fall in time with the mechanical heart that beat away whether there was anyone there to experience it or not.

selected exhibitions:
Our Autonomous Nature II - Testbed 1, London
London Analogue Festival - The Old Police Station, London