Don't Look Now
Arrangement 1
Light Bulb, Stereo Sound, Stud Walling, 3.1m x 2.6 m

(installation view)

Drawing from the way sound is used to dictate the mood of a single moment within cimena, and using this to examine collective memory, and sonic symbolism. Within film and TV sound design, there are a specific number of sounds that are traditionally included to create a sense of tension and rising expectation within the audience. These sounds are most commonly bass heavy rumbles, held tones and electrical static sounds; with the sub-bass and dissonant harmonics acting as the main characteristics that give these sounds their emotional meaning. These sounds generally don't relate to any visible sound source within the film scene itself, but act as an implicit sonic signifier, the meaning of which an audience understands without explicitly being aware of their presence.

(installation view)

This work essentially takes away the film, and leaving just semiotics of cinema. The space is designed to be deliberately constrained, and the the emotional impact of the sound is heightened by syncing the only source if light in the work to it. In this way the conventions of narrative film are subverted, taking elements of cinema that are intended to act subconsciously, isolating and raising them in order to both illicit an emotional response from the audience, and making explicit the tropes of cinematic lighting and sound design used to such great effect by film makers such as David Lynch.

(working drawing)

selected exhibitions:
Show 2013 - Royal College of Art, London