Tv Monitor, 10m audio cable, speaker,
1min 20seconds, Looped
Collaboration with Jamie Jenkinson

(screen shot)

Site specific installation dealing with the relationship between sound and images. A flat screen monitor is attached to a staircase. On the screen a hand appears and drops a series of objects. A speaker wire is attached to the the bottom of the monitor, and acting as a plumb line, dropping directly down through the stair well and connects to a speaker placed at the bottom of the stairwell 4 flights of stairs below.

Through this is played, at an appropriate time, the sound of each object hitting the tiled floor, with the resonant acoustics of the staircase carrying the sound back up to the location of the screen above. In this way the whole installation is not visible from any one location, and while the mechanics of the work are clearly visible to the audience, the strength of cognitive connection between sound and image create an effective illusion of the objects physically, yet invisibly traveling through space.

selected exhibitions:
Show 2013- Royal College of Art, London