Site specific sound work, designed to be played on the bus transporting visitors between the Kensington and Battersea campuses of the RCA during the 2103 graduation. Each direction of the journey had its own piece of work.

The idea is to play with notions of journeys and travelling, to disrupt the expectations people have when getting onto the bus, and to hopefully question the meaning of a journey through one of the most expensive neighbourhoods on earth during a time of increasing social inequality, and cuts to the systems intended to support the poorest people in British society.

Where Are We Going?
8min 47sec
Mono Audio
Voice: Maybelle Peters
Script Collaboration: Chris Paul Daniels

A narrator provides an unreliable tour guide to the journey. With minimal captioning in the space, the initially believable narration slowly giving way to more obviously unreal content, which goes from humourous to progressively more uncomfortable themes as the journey continues. In this way it is intended to provoke the audience to reconsider the expectations they have of the strangers they share space with in busy city life, and provide an honest view on the difficulties of trying to exist as an artist.

Are We There Yet?
Stereo Audio

A companion to the narrated work, this more abstract sound collage uses environmental noises from large cities. These predominantly traffic noise based pallet of sounds start of at an almost inaduible level, and gradually build up in both density and volume to incresingly diorientate the listener. They eventually crishendo, then vanish leaving the listener acutely aware of their absence for the remainder of the journey.

Video documentation to be added soon

selected exhibitions:
Show 2013- Royal College of Art, London