Dry Stone Project
Collaboration with Jake Robinson

production stills

Filmed and recorded on location in Cumbria, this project set out to explore the relationship between medium and subject. Taking as it's starting point the 500 year old process of building that still survives as the dominant method of construction in the upland areas of Great Britain. This process and the landscape within which it exists was documented with 16mm film and analogue tape sound recording, in order to draw a parallel between content and medium, and to examine the changing value that is attached to traditional crafts in the context of ever increasing availability of digital technology and mass produced materials. This project resulted in several different pieces of work:

3 Channel Video, 4 Channel Audio, Cube Monitors, Speakers.
30 seconds looped
Dimensions Variable

This installation consisted of 3 different short video pieces, all around 30 seconds long, but each of slightly different length, and each with their own mono sound. In addition there was an additional channel of audio, constructed of looped tape edits from field recording in and around the location. The slight differences in length meant a different alignment of film and sound each time the elements looped, resulting in an almost infinite number of combinations over the duration of the installation.

1 Channel Video, 5.1 Surround Sound
4 min 37 seconds

The single screen version serves as a short observational documentary, examining process of construction set against the rural landscape that frames it.

film stills

Dry Stone Waller excerpt

Selected Exhibition/ Screenings:
Work In Progress - Royal College of Art, London
Acoustic Images- British Film Institute, London
Rural- Red Gallery, London
Show 2013 - Royal College of Art, London
Acoustic Images - MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
Vancouver International Film Festival
Seeking Slow - Testbed 1, London
Images Film Festival - Toronto, Canada - Audience Award Winner