40 Years of Disruptions Commission
Virgin Records asked me to create some work for a show in London to mark the 40th anniversary of the record label. This resulted in 2 new pieces of work located in different spaces:

Counter Culture
Individually Cut Record: 1 channel audio. 39min, 53seconds

(installation view)

Having spent many years working in a second hand record shop (as well as a lifetime collecting records), my primary interest in this project was the history of Virgin as a shop. The idea of recreating the Notting Hill Virgin Records shop based in a couple of photographs from the day the Sex Pistols album was released was brought up, and based on this I settled on a project that documented people involved with the early period of the shops across the country. In a show that typically celebrates the history of a set of musicians who are already household names, it was an opportunity to focus on the people who otherwise might not get included. We tracked down a number if ex shop staff, and their memories and anecdotes from their time working behind the counter were recorded. These recording were then edited down the length of a typical single vinyl album (20min per side), and pressed up as an acetate which played over the speakers in the shop installation. It featured the voices of Bethea Jenner, Maggie Garrett, Steve Lewis, Mike Grant, Colin Seddon, Michael Casartelli and Graham Jones. Digital Versions of the interviews can be listened to below:

Public Images
Collaboration with Chris Paul Daniels
3 channel video, 2 channel audio
45minutes looped
(installation view)

Music, videos, live performances, interviews and news footage relating to Virgin Records were edited, reconfigured and collaged together to create a large scale tryptic video and sound installation for the main space in the show. Rather than following a chronological order through the labels history, the work instead followed a series of gestural and formal similarities, constructed narratives and thematic connections to create a new set of relationships and juxtapositions within the final piece. The sound also served as the overall sound design playing through the rest of the show.